Helping people
do better




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To work effectively organisations need skilled people and effective processes. However, simply having these in place is not enough. My work ensures that people are able to use processes to improve performance, achieve results and gain greater satisfaction from their work.


  • Cultural and behaviour change
  • Environment and horizon scanning
  • High level negotiation creating linkages and strategic alliances




Taking a leadership role is not something that people just do. Leaders, at all levels require systematic support to identify important relationships and undertake courageous conversations to address organisational and behavioural challenges.


  • Design, delivery and assessment of leadership education and training products for clinicians and non clinical staff
  • Courses, curriculum, workshops, seminars, master-classes, e-learning, simulation and scenarios




Effective teams take time to develop. Individuals need to understand their role in the team, how their work fits in with and impacts on others.


  • Developing skills and building relationships within and across teams
  • Helping individuals recognise boundaries and how they can work to influence change within and across the team.
  • Problem identification and how these can be solved working together




  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Consultation